"Where do i start ?! it has been such a pleasure to have you as part of our family for the last few months. You have been an enormous help to me, setting me up and giving me confidence as a mum of two. You have helped me more than you know. You are like a magician at settling baby and J has absolutely adored your visits. 

you have been fantastic with him and made him feel so special and loved as he got used to sharing my attention with his new brother, he will miss you and so will we.

thankyou so much for everything you have done for us. we always say to each other that you have been such a blessing for our family"

With Much Love Emily (mummy to 2) Haslemere

I recently met Jeanette and was bowled over by her encouragement for a natural birth. I was heavily pregnant with my third child at the time and due to move abroad, where birthing techniques were very different to my previous births, so I was a little nervous. After some wonderful conversations and coaching from Jeanette before my move and during ongoing messaging support after my move, my confidence to cope with my third birth sky rocketed and on 28th January 2015 our beautiful baby boy was born within 2 hours. Completely naturally, no intervention or trauma. The most amazing journey any woman can experience, Euphoric ! Thank you Jeanette Esposito..........

Kim Holland (mummy to 3) Camberley/Menorca 

A Special Visit from the wonderful Triplets x

I would not hesitate to recommend Jeanette to anybody with a new baby. After contacting her she suggested we met to see how we got along. Instantly we loved her, myself, baby Balie and my partner. We had a cup of tea and a good chat & she started helping us straight away. The help, support & advice she offers is priceless, i cant thank her enough. I now say to friends dont ask your partner for a push present, just ask him for Jeanette!      lots of love RACHEL,ALEX & BAYLIE XXX (CAMBERLEY)

I would recommend Jeanette in a heartbeat. I needed some overnight help while visiting family in the area.

Jeanette is highly professional, clearly very expert with a warm and caring approach. She was only with us for one night but her warmth and assured approach created a bond of trust straight off. She did a wonderful job caring for me and my daughter and was generous in sharing her expertise on sleep issues for when we returned home. I just wish we were in the same place for longer and could have benefitted more from her care.

Clare R (mummy to Edie) Washington DC 

 Sometimes its just good to talk and Jeanette is a good listener. She is very warm and empathetic and seems to really care about you as a person. She has huge practical knowledge and tips on baby care and gets on with things without being asked. I can't speak highly enough of jeanette..............

 Suzi C (mummy to 2) Horsell

Jeanette never stopped for a minute! if the baby was asleep, then she hoovered and ironed, all on her own initiative - she really was like a fairy Godmother ! She is extremely thoughtful - she brought me food which she had cooked for her family in her own home. Jeanette is very generous she often stayed beyond the time to help me answer questions and generally support me. She is also very loving both to me and my baby and I am so lucky to have found her............

Leza M (mummy to 1) Farnham

Jeanette is a superstar. Warm, reassuring, loving, knows everything there is to know about babies, helping me with my second baby, who absolutely adores her! she was our Postnatal Doula for several month, giving me much needed support and guidance. She helped me around the house, moved baby from moses basket into her cot, getting her out of the swaddle, settling, weaning & cooking us some lovely meals. I could leave my baby with Jeanette with complete confidence, knowing that she was in the best hands & i could have some time for myself and my first born, which i feel helped us enormously in our transition from 1 to 2 children. A complete Fairy Godmother ! We absolutely adore her. My only regret is that i wish i had found her for my first baby... Melanie B (mummy to 2) Esher

Jeanette was an absolute superstar and helped me at short notice due to illmess. She was kind and caring and completely trustworthy. She helped me get back on my feet and looked after me and my baby brilliantly. she also gave me loads of tips and techniques to help make things easier for me when i was back on my own. Jeanette was happy to do anything required and i would not hesitate to recommend her or use her again. What a Gem ........

Emma P (mummy to Sofia) Church Crookham

After my C section, Jeanette was invaluable in my home, helping with household chores and running errand. She supported me postnatally and we had a lovely relationship.she is very easy going and I felt relaxed in her presence. She gave great advice and both of my sons loved her. Jeanette  is absolutely wonderful, she is flexible, helpful and kind and very experienced. I often relied on her experience and wisdom and every week we looked forward to having her in our home.............

Gosia S (mummy to 2) Woking

Jean​ette was very calming and I felt relaxed in her company, she listened to me and talked about my previous birth, helping me to have closure on it and see this birth as a new experience. Jeanette gave me direction in a gentle manner, supporting all my wishes. She calmed my nerves and took away the anxiety. Jeanette was very knowledgeable, I started to sleep a lot better after talking with her and felt ready for the birth.......           

Julia Barker (mummy to 2) Fleet.

Thanks to Jeanette, we now get some much needed sleep at night, jeanette you really are an angel .......

Stella & Frazer (parents to baby Alice) Alton


I initially choose Jeanette after speaking to a number of doulas in my area, She made me feel at ease and we were on the same page, we just clicked, through all of the preperation i had done with Jeanette and the coping mechanisms she had taught me, i was able to labour at home with very little support. When i called her she came and she was just what i needed to get me through the last stage before going to hospital. I trusted that she knew me and What I needed so i was able to focus on giving birth instead of worrying. My situation was unique, as Jeanette did not come to the hospital for the final half an hour of labour, but instead she stayed at home with my son. She was the rock that my 4 year old relied on and made the experience special for him, they danced and celebrated the birth of his baby sister. knowing she was there helped me to relax and have the birth i wanted. Sometimes you just need a knowledgeable woman to talk to about your concerns and fears and with Jeanette in my corner i knew i would be okay no matter what......    Michelle V-C (mummy to 2) Woking

Thank you so much for helping us get through the first three months of having twins in our lives. Having a good nights sleep made a world of difference and being able to look forward to it and know that there was a break on the horizon was worth its weight in gold. it made things easier both physically and mentally! i have to admit that i was nervous about leaving my tiny babies with anyone during the night but as soon as i met you, you calmed my fears and put me at ease straight away. you were so good with them and i was able to sleep soundly knowing that they were in such good hands.........

Emma Madden (mummy to James, Lauren & Mathew) Godalming 

Jeanette Doula extraordinaire ..... Thank you so much for bringing Calm to our home and helping me through the tricky evening slot with two ! it has been a breath of fresh air to have your support, experience and chat...

MP (mummy to 2) Esher

Jeanette is a breath of fresh air and a complete joy. Never could i have imagined feeling completely comfortable handing over my infant child(to someone who wasnt my husband) to look after through the night. But i did with Jeanette. She has a very special gift when it comes to caring for newborn infants and her love of children couldnt be more clear.

We enlisted jeanette's services when we were desperately struggling transitioning our little girl from breast to bottle at 5 months of age. For weeks my husband and i had tried everything but to no avail and we were desperate as we knew our little girl was hungry due to my dwindling milk supply, but her stubborness was remarkable, i knew we needed help.

in came Jeanette one evening and i handed over my hungry little princess, putting all my hope in her, although i was realistic and didnt expect anything to happen on the first night. To my surprise when we came down the next morning, Jeanette was beaming, by 4.30am my baby had eventually taken a bottle. This was nothing short of a miracle. The relief and joy in the house that morning was unforgettable and it was all thanks to Jeanette.

She continued to bed-in the bottle feeding over the next few nights and then helped me postnatally with the baby and my 2 year old over the next few months while i struggled with PND (this im convinced was brought on by the trauma i suffered with babies feeding and being completely exhausted)

I have so much to thank Jeanette for it really is difficult to know where to start. But what i will say is that she is a very special lady with a very special gift indeed. I am just grateful that she is using this gift to help mums with the care of their babiesin the early weeks and months post birth.

The world could do with more woman like Jeanette helping make motherhood a little easier for mums like me and she will forever be part of our family.......


"We cannot convey just how grateful we are to you for all that you have done for our precious girls. Thankyou for all your love and support and all the joy that you bring "

Tiffany & David (parents to Ella & Thea) Lightwater