I will support and nurture you during this most special time of your life. Supporting you with

   feeding your baby whether it be by breast or bottle. Helping you with routines such as sleep

   patterns, bathing, swaddling and calming techniques.

   I will help with driving you to appointments, or getting supplies, if you have had a caesarean.

   I will listen and be there for you, if you just need to sit and chat.

   I will cook you a delicious homemade meal and help with your laundry and general tidying.

   I will look after your baby if you need time out to have a bath, pamper yourself,  or just to catch up on precious sleep.

   I will assist with caring for older children.

   I will endeavour to fit in with the hours that you require in the early days of motherhood, whether it be day or night.

   My role is to "Mother the Mother" and I will do everything possible to help you to be the mother you truly want to be.