I am totally committed to providing continuous physical, emotional and practical support before and after child birth. Helping you to stay Calm, Comfortable, and Confident. To be informed, prepared and most importantly to have trust in yourself as a new mother.

I absolutely love being a doula so rest assured that everything i do comes from the heart and my passion to care for new mothers and babies.


'Doula' is a Greek word, loosely translated as "in service of" but in this context it is taken to mean a woman who provides sustained physical,emotional and informational support during labour, birth and in the early days of parenthood.

Doula's are not medical professionals and do not perform clinical tasks, diagnose medical conditions, or give medical advise.

Postnatal Doula's specialize in guiding the new parents and baby through early experiences as a new family by offering help and support, once the baby is born.


1. Continuity of support as long as you need it.

2. Support at home before the baby arrives when required.

​3. Support for partner, family and other children.

4. Greater likelihood of successfully establishing breast feeding.

5. To get much needed rest and sleep.

6. Flexible support in your own home in the early weeks and months with your new baby.